Since its inception in 1985, the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery has become the leading educational platform for cosmetic surgery practitioners from a diverse array of medical specialties. AACS is comprised of medical and dental professionals who pursue educational and training opportunities in cosmetic surgery to ensure consistently high quality patient care. From live surgery workshops to our Annual Scientific Meetings, the AACS is the most trusted resource for patient safety through cosmetic surgery education.

Membership: Becoming a member of the AACS will give you access to a network of cosmetic surgery professionals who are committed to patient safety through expanded knowledge and skills. From our publications and practice management tools to discounts on educational opportunities, AACS members enjoy privileges that make a tangible impact on their surgical outcomes and patient care. JOIN THE AACS

Clinical Fellowship Training: You’ve heard the long-held rule that the achievement of true expertise requires approximately 10,000 hours of practice and study. That’s why the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery provides an in-depth clinical fellowship program. For one year, fellows have access to a multitude of patients and the most sought-after minds in cosmetic surgery. You’ll learn the methods, science and art that drive excellent outcomes in a rapidly growing medical discipline. TAKE THE NEXT STEP

Education and Workshops: AACS also offers a comprehensive roster of training and education opportunities for those looking to learn new or advanced skills. Workshops vary from cadaver dissection instruction to live surgery demonstrations or large meetings – all rooted in evidence based approaches that will drive the safest patient outcomes. EXPLORE OUR EDUCATIONAL OFFERINGS

Physicians that provide aesthetic services as a part or whole of their practice are inundated with a confusing sea of organizations and meetings. Some of them showcase cutting edge material but with no connection to evidence-based results. By contrast, others focus solely on evidence-based medicine but are decades behind because they refuse to innovate. Only the AACS brings together the brightest minds to push the envelope in delivering pioneering results in the safest manner possible; based on literature, science and tireless peer discussion. There is only one vanguard in the field of cosmetic surgery: the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery."

R. Chad Deal, MD, FACS • Southern Surgical Arts • Chattanooga, TN