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Cosmetic surgery poses risks, so the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery is committed to your safety – patient safety – through excellence in cosmetic surgery education.

Patients choose cosmetic surgery for many reasons and often know a friend, family member or co-worker who has undergone a procedure. If you are considering cosmetic surgery, it is crucial to first understand your options when it comes to choosing your cosmetic surgery procedure and your medical provider.

Choosing Cosmetic Surgery

The most important decision you make will be the careful selection of a provider. The AACS is pleased to provide you with resources that will guide your search for a qualified cosmetic surgeon, because we believe that informed patients are the best patients.

However, the AACS is not a physician’s office and cannot dispense medical advice. Any reputable cosmetic surgeon will welcome your questions and want you to be completely comfortable with their qualifications.
Use our Find a Surgeon tool to locate a cosmetic surgeon in your area and schedule a consultation. Only then can a physician give you personalized treatment options to meet your needs. Any questions of a medical nature sent to AACS will not be answered.

Procedural Information

You may have seen the TV shows, but not all reality TV is real. Learn the facts about the procedures that you have seen on TV, then read our list of important things to know in Reality Vs. Myth.

Choosing a Qualified Physician

There are important things to consider when choosing a cosmetic surgery provider. Read our guidelines for choosing a cosmetic surgeon.

What is cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is often performed by physicians from many types of medical specialties and backgrounds. Learn more about what training is needed to be a cosmetic surgeon and what that means for your decision. Read our patient FAQs.