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As a resident, you are considering your future options. Your complimentary American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Resident Membership allows you explore the cosmetic surgery specialty and gives you the resources for a successful transition into a cosmetic surgery practice.

Since there are no residencies devoted solely to cosmetic surgery, AACS is the leading provider of resources and programs that support residents from all surgical specialties in their cosmetic surgery education and career development. 

By 2024, when many current residents will be transitioning into practice, the cosmetic surgery market is projected to grow to $56.495 billion according to Cosmetic surgeons enjoy schedule flexibility and rewarding, close relationships with their patients that go beyond improving their appearance. Cosmetic surgeons are able to give patients a boost of confidence and dramatically improve their quality of life. Are you ready to join us?


I have always been interested in the aesthetic side of medicine. As an orthopedic surgeon, I have a greater understanding and appreciation of the natural beauty of the body and the musculoskeletal architecture as well as the overlying tissues. I've been involved in athletics and fitness as well as bodybuilding for the majority of my life and appreciate the effort that it takes to enhance and define one's body as well as the difficulty in obtaining the "ideal" body for many. I believe cosmetic surgery allows us to close the gap between genetics and science.

- Steven J. Cyr, MD, FAAOS