Erik Jon Nuveen, MD, DMD
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Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Description of Program: The fellowship includes 52 weeks of high volume exposure to breast, abdomen and facial cosmetic surgery. The fellow is involved in all aspects of clinical, management and strategic practice development.

This progressive education and experiential fellowship is ideal for the highly skilled technician and those interested in heavy involvement with the business of practicing elective cosmetic surgery at the highest level in the world. This program is NOT for the timid. The ideal candidate must be ready for intense exposure and heavy surgical involvement from day one until the final hour of fellowship.

Each fellow is treated as a junior faculty member and will be assigned his own room for consultations, patient education and examination. A stipend of $40,000 per year is currently offered, with ample room for outside clinical practice that does not interfere with our schedule.

Prerequisites for Fellows: Optimism. Care. Empathy. Gratefulness beyond your years. Complete comfort with basic surgical skills and principles. A deep appreciation for the psychological aspect of patient care within the realm of elective surgery. A willingness and effort to learn critical aspects of business and how to participate effectively in a multimillion dollar practice with vision and plans for growth and further development.

About Dr. Nuveen: Dr. Erik Nuveen is triple-Board Certified in Cosmetic Surgery, Facial Cosmetic Surgery and Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. He has been in private practice in Oklahoma City for 14 years since the completion of his fellowship training in cosmetic surgery. He has presented nationally and is a frequent contributor to publications on the topic of cosmetic surgery. He has educated and trained hundreds of physicians from throughout the world. 


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