Membership Committee

Membership Committee


Participate in activities designed to support and increase membership recruitment, retention, and engagement, including but not limited to the monthly approval of all new membership applications. Review and make recommendations to improve current membership benefits or to develop new benefits.



  • Enhance the value of membership through the development of new benefits, programs and services.
  • Increase net membership growth.
  • Increase dues revenue and retention rates.
  • Increase non-dues revenue.


Time Commitment & Qualifications

The committee will hold three to four, one-hour teleconference meetings per year and is responsible for monthly, virtual review and approval of membership applications. Members will participate in conversation and provide feedback via group email when requested.

Those volunteering for this committee must have an interest in association benefit or program development. Those who are comfortable communicating with member prospects or lapsed members are also preferred.



Mohammad Banki, MD, DMD

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