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Coverage of the 31st Annual Scientific Meeting


This year's conference, one of our most successful to date, received exceptional news coverage from media outlets, ranging from video features to full-length articles. Below are just a selection of the articles published online:

"Patient satisfaction high in facial skin-tightening study at 6 months," Originally posted on Healio

In a recent article, the micro-focused ultrasound clinical trial results presented by William Philip Werschler, MD, FAAD, FAACS, at this year's conference are discussed.


"Middle vault revision rhinoplasty explored at AACS," Originally posted on Healio

An article from Healio examines the statistics provided during the revision rhinoplasty presentation given by Erik J. Nuveen, MD, DMD, at this year's meeting.


"Montalvan highlights his 3 sessions on facial fat transfer, blepharoplasty and more," Healio [VIDEO]

In this video introduction, Luis E. Montalvan, a head, neck, and maxillofacial surgeon discusses the three sessions he lead at the Annual Scientific Meeting. Montalvan practices in Lima, Peru.

"Haiavy on the transumbilical approach to correct asymmetrical breasts," Healio [VIDEO]

Jacon Haiavy, MD, FACS, explains his transumbilical approach to eliminate scarring while correcting the challenging cases of asymmetrical breasts in this short video.


"The management of challenging cases with asymmetrical breast problems," Healio [VIDEO]

In a brief video with Healio, Jorge A. Perez, MD, FACS, recounts a morning asymmetrical and tubular breast rejuvenation session and the wonderful dialogue it created among attendees.


"Jacob Haiavy on AACS educational opportunities," Healio [VIDEO]

Haiavy, MD, President Elect of the California Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, talks about the benefits of continued education through the organization in this short video.


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Michael J. Will, MD, DDS, Named 2015 President of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery - January 18, 2015