Bryan Friedman, DO
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Friedman Plastics

Scottsdale, Arizona  85251-2106



Description of Program: Friedman Plastics and ENT offers a diverse, well-rounded fellowship experience. Our newly accredited AAAHC facility, offers the opportunity to work with Dr. Friedman, Board Certified in ENT, Facial Plastics and Cosmetic Surgery, as well as visiting surgeons specializing in various areas of the cosmetic forums. The average fellow will participate in over 400 cosmetic procedures ranging from endoscopic brow lifts to vaginal posterior colporraphies. A dedicated hair transplantation specialist generously dedicates his time to educate on the most current, up-to-date techniques. An AACS certified fellowship at Friedman Plastics and ENT fulfills the Academy and American Board of Cosmetic Surgery caseload requirement.

Fellows are involved in every aspect of the cosmetic practice and patient care. Upon completion, graduates will be competent in all aspects of the field, not just the operations themselves. Dr. Friedman firmly believes that repetition is the key to memory and everything counts. Attention to detail is what makes for a successful practice.

Weekly lectures are composed on a rotation basis by all participating physicians at our facility. Fellows are encouraged to actively present and participate. A published cosmetic paper is expected at the completion of the year.  

There is a $100,000 fellowship stipend as well as provisions for malpractice insurance coverage available to any board eligible or certified ENT who wishes to moonlight within our practice while completing their fellowship year of cosmetic training.

Prerequisites for Fellows: Fellows must qualify per the AACS fellowship guidelines.