AACS certified Cosmetic Surgery Fellowships

AACS Certified Cosmetic Surgery Fellowships

For the best training in cosmetic surgery

Do you want to become a top cosmetic surgeon? Then train with the experts.

The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery certifies post-residency Fellowship Programs across the country in both general cosmetic surgery and facial cosmetic surgery, each offering in-depth, hands-on training from leading surgeons.

It’s your choice – You can apply to the programs that meet YOUR needs, considering factors like location, director, start date, stipend and time commitment.

Unmatched level of training – You will perform more than 300 cosmetic surgery procedures a year. No other fellowship program offers this caliber of training and instruction in cosmetic surgery, with rare access to patients and expertise.

Dedicated mentorship – Get personal instruction from well-known, leading cosmetic surgeons who possess a wealth of experience and a desire to teach.

Path to board certification – After completing your fellowship, you may be eligible to take the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery or American Board of Facial Cosmetic Surgery board examinations.

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In a fellows' words
"Completing a fellowship through the AACS has allowed me to embark in a career in cosmetic surgery. Without this training, my practice would not resemble what it does today. In addition to the experience and education that I gained, I have been delightfully surprised by the camaraderie of the surgeons I met within the organization."

Courtney J. Caplin, MD, DMD
Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates, Oklahoma City, OK