Fellowship Program Establishment

The following guidelines are utilized in consideration of application for establishment of a Training Program in Cosmetic Surgery:


  1. Director (applicant) must have a current valid medical licensure in the state in which the Fellowship Training Program is to be offered;
  2. The faculty must have hospital transferring privileges and/or another mechanism to transfer patients to a hospital; 
  3. Director and/or a majority of affiliate faculty must have an academic appointment;
  4. Director must be Board Certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery or the American Board of Facial Cosmetic Surgery;
  5. Director must be a Fellow Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery;
  6. Director must agree to site visitation at the onset of the program and review every five years to maintain facility and training accreditation;
  7. Director shall attend AACS Annual meetings and encourage Fellow Trainee(s)  attendance at AACS workshops as feasible
  8. Director must provide regularly scheduled conferences with participating Fellow Trainee(s) within the program to discuss current literature;
  9. From time to time, the Director may be required to attend fellowship training sessions either through webinars or actual attendance at locations selected by the Fellowship Committees or AACS Board of Trustees; 
  10. Director should encourage Fellow Trainee(s) to contribute to the scientific literature (or appropriate presentations) relative to the subject of Cosmetic Surgery (both basic scientific and/or clinical materials);
  11. Director must complete the appropriate summary evaluation forms on each Fellow Trainee, and expect from each candidate a program evaluation relative to the experience directly to the AACS, upon satisfactory completion of training prior to Fellow Training Certificate issuance;
  12. Director must require all Fellow Trainees to maintain a current surgical case log of all procedures and must include at a minimum the date of the procedure, patient identification number, geographic location where procedure was performed, type of anesthesia/sedation, preoperative diagnosis, the operative procedure performed and the outcome of the procedure. 

I understand the above criteria. By continuing with the application process, I meet the Fellowship Director qualifications.

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