How to Apply to an AACS Certified Fellowship

Most AACS Certified Fellowship Programs begin in July each year. AACS helps match fellowship trainee applicants with available July start date fellowship programs through the AACS Certified Fellowship Match. For January start date programs, applications are accepted on a rolling basis.


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Basic Application Process:

Once you have reviewed available fellowship programs, you can apply directly from your selected fellowship program description page. Note eligibility requirements and prerequisites vary for each AACS Certified Fellowship program. Applicants will be asked to submit letters of recommendation and other supporting documents. January fellowship programs review and accept applications on a rolling basis. July programs are included in the AACS Certified Fellowship Match.

Interested in a July 2021 AACS certified General Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship? Applications are being accepted and sent to open programs. For a list of open programs, please contact Margaret Bengtson.


AACS Certified Fellowship Match Timeline:

For July Fellowship applicants only. January start date applicants will be handled on a rolling basis.


Step 1: Prepare Your Fellowship Application 


  • Research General and Facial Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship Programs
  • Preview the application and gather necessary documents
  • Request letters of recommendation
  • Review prerequisites for eligibility outlined in the Guidelines on the general and facial fellowship pages


Step 2: Apply to Fellowship Programs

February 1-15 of the year prior to starting the Fellowship

  • Identify general and facial programs of interest to receive your application
  • Upload letters of recommendation
  • Strongly suggest having your application submitted by February 15, to be released by March 15


Step 3: Applying Continues and Interviews Start

March 15 - August 1

  • Program directors receive the applications that identified their Program in an application
  • Candidates are invited to interview; interviews must be scheduled before June 1
  • Applications received during this time will be forwarded to the programs identified in their application


Step 4: Rank Order Lists Due 

August 1 

  • The programs and candidates submit their "ranklist" of the programs/candidates in the order that they would be willing to match to


Step 5: Match Announced and Post-Match Scramble Begins

September 1 

  • If matched, your fellowship location will be made available via an email and Program Director will contact you with a contract
  • If you are unmatched, you will receive a list of open programs to contact


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Contact Margaret Bengtson at