General Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship Training
"Completing a fellowship through the AACS has allowed me to embark in a career in cosmetic surgery. Without this training, my practice would not resemble what it does today. In addition to the experience and education that I gained, I have been delightfully surprised by the camaraderie of the surgeons I met within the organization."

Courtney J. Caplin, MD, DMD
Cosmetic Surgery Affiliates, Oklahoma City, OK

Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship Training
The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery certifies Fellowship Programs in General Cosmetic Surgery. These post-residency programs are structured to fill an essential part of the continuum of a cosmetic surgeon's education, training and experience.
Training Fellow and Program Director applicants, please review the following information for program requirements and the online application process.


Training Fellows


An AACS accredited fellowship in general general cosmetic surgery is a rigorous postresidency program involving advanced clinical and didactic instruction in the art of general cosmetic surgery. Training Fellow candidates should complete the following application steps:  

  1. Review the General Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship Guidelines, section 4, for program qualifications.
  2. Decide which Fellowship Program fits your personal and professional objectives.
  3. Complete the online General Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship Application indicating which programs should receive your application.
  4. Contact the programs directly, once notified that your application link has been sent to the program directors you identified in your application.
  5. Join AACS! While AACS membership isn’t a Training Fellow criteria, we encourage you to complete the online membership application. Resident and Training Fellow members have no annual dues.

To learn more about the AACS certified General Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship Program, read A Review of General Cosmetic Surgery Training in Fellowship Programs Offered by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery

Questions? Please read our Training Fellow FAQ's or contact Margaret Bengtson, AACS Account Coordinator or 312.265.3735.


Fellowship Directors

General Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship Programs Directors are recognized authorities in teaching cosmetic surgery. Those interested in establishing a General Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship Program should review the General Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship Guidelines for Director and faculty qualifications and program requirements.


To establish a General Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship, the Program Director applicant must complete the online Fellowship Program Establishment application and upload the supporting documentation.
Questions? Please read our Program Director FAQ's or contact Margaret Bengtson, AACS Account Coordinator or 312.265.3735.
Core Curriculum Review

Open to current AACS members, the Core Curriculum Review webinars, which feature topics from the newly established Core Curriculum and Reading List, are developed by members of the Fellowship Committee and current Training Fellows. These programs provide an interactive opportunity not usually available with standard lectures; attendees are encouraged to ask questions of the presenters during the webinar. 

The webinars are held through Go To Meeting and occur the third Monday of every month at 9:00 p.m. EST. The webinars can accommodate up to 100 participants and are scheduled for one hour, but typically last 90 minutes due to questions and faculty/fellow interaction.
How to participate:  Contact Margaret Bengtson, AACS Coordinator, for instructions on gaining access.