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Fellow-level Membership

Fellow-level membership within the AACS distinguishes a physician for his or her commitment to cosmetic surgery through extensive education and professional accomplishments.


You may achieve Fellow-level membership through one of three pathways: (1) Traditional, (2) Cosmetic Board Certification, or (3) Non-Core. Each pathway requires different qualifications and steps, but each exhibits a great sense of achievement and tireless effort. We congratulate each Fellow member for reaching such a prestigious and exclusive membership level.


Fellow Membership General Application Guidelines 

  1. Select the pathway that applies to you: Traditional, Cosmetic Board Certification, or Non-Core.

  2. Submit the $100 administration fee.

  3. Complete the application and submit all required supporting documentation for approval by the Board of Trustees and AACS Membership Committee. 

  4. Once approved and membership dues are submitted, you will receive your AACS Fellow member logo and certificate.

Select your pathway