Frequently Asked Questions
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Q. Why should I complete a Fellowship Program in cosmetic surgery?
A. AACS's certified fellowship training programs are the best way to advance your career in cosmetic surgery. They offer an unmatched educational experience as each Program Director accepts a limited number of fellows per year, guaranteeing you rare access to patients as well as education from leading names in cosmetic surgery. You'll complete more than 300 hands-on training cases during the course of the program, as well as learn how to open and run your own cosmetic surgery practice.

Read an in-depth study published in the Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery by Ethan Handler, MD, Javad Tavassoli, MD, Hardeep Dhaliwal, MD, DDS, Matthew Murray, MD, DDS, and Jacob Haiavy, MD, DDS on the necessary training AACS' certified Fellowship programs provide for those who want to devote their practices to cosmetic surgery.
Q. What are the eligibility requirements for fellows?
A. Before completing your application, please review the General Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship Guidelines and the Facial Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship Guidelines to ensure you are able to meet the requirements of the Fellowship Program.
Q. Where do I send my application?
A. The Fellow application is submitted online on this page. Once you have completed it, the application will be sent to up to the seven fellowship program directors at a time that you have identified as your top choices on your application.
Q. Is there an application fee?
A. No, there are no application fees for the Fellowship program.
Q. Who is my supervisor, AACS or the Program Director?
A. AACS certifies individual fellowship programs that meet or exceed the Program Requirements for Clinical Fellowship Training in General Cosmetic Surgery or Program Requirements for Clinical Fellowship Training in Facial Cosmetic Surgery (collectively “Program Requirements”).  Based on the Program Requirements, AACS determines whether a fellowship program qualifies for certification, and whether once certified (“Certified Program”) the program maintains its certification.  AACS has no authority over, or other relationship with, the fellows who participate in Certified Programs.  The Program Director is in charge of the Certified Program, and will determine to whom fellows will report.  AACS should be notified if a Certified Program is not compliant with the Program Requirements.  Fellows may notify AACS of non-compliance via the online form.
Q. How do I choose which fellowship program is right for me?
A. You can find a full listing of Fellowship Program Directors who teach either general or facial cosmetic surgery here. These directors are located in more than ten states across the U.S. The AACS recommends reading about each director and their practice to find the one that best suits you, and contacting individual program directors for more information.
Q. When I apply, can I name multiple Program Directors I’d like to train with?
A. Yes. The application allows you identify up to seven Fellowship Programs of interest at a time.
Q. What is the deadline for applying?
A. Most fellowship programs are for a one year period from July 1 - June 30 of the following year. For July 1 applicants, there is a match application process. Key dates can be found in Step 2 of the application instructions
Q. Can I participate in a program for more than one year?
A. The official fellowship program runs for a one year period. If you wish to continue your program for another year, it may be considered and is a decision left up to each fellowship director.
Q. Is there tuition reimbursement or a stipend?
A. Each fellowship training program has its own policy regarding tuition reimbursement or stipends. Most programs offer some sort of compensation - please contact the program you are interested in for details.
Q. What do I have do to complete to receive my certification of completion?
A. Each training fellow must submit the following before receiving a certificate of successful Fellowship Program completion from AACS:
  1. Verification form from the Fellowship Director
  2. Evaluations of the program by Fellow and Director
  3. Surgical log of required cases
  4. Submission of an article to American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery or another peer-reviewed journal
Q. Do I have to be a member of AACS to apply for a Fellow program?
A. No. An AACS membership is not an application requirement. However, training fellows are encouraged to apply for a free AACS membership at the Resident member level. AACS members receive discounts at AACS meetings, free access to the American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery and additional membership benefits
Q. I need help completing my application. Who should I contact?
A. Please direct all questions to AACS Account Coordinator Margaret Bengtson at 312.265.3735 or 

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