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Our webinar package includes the popular webinars below as well as a growing list of 30+ webinars covering topics from rhinoplasty to fat transfer techniques and many other topics relevant to today's cosmetic surgeon.

Rhinoplasty - Fundamentals & Techniques
Presenter: Jeffrey B. Marvel, MD

2020 Aesthetics Trends (And How They Affect Your Business)
Presenters: Jessie Brandt, Astanza Brand Marketing Manager & Brian Hasenbauer, Astanza VP of Marketing

Understanding Cosmeceuticals & Active Ingredients
Presenter: Desmer Destang, DDS, MSc

The Lateral Canthus: Where We Err and How You Can Make it an Enjoyable Part of Your Lower Blepharoplasties
Presenter: Wade Brock, MD

Avoiding the Face Lift Look and Increasing Social Acceptance
Presenter: Christian Drehsen, MD

Optimizing Eyelid Surgery Outcomes
Presenter: Kimberly Cockerham, MD, FACS

Endoscopic Brow Lift
Presenter: Todd L. Beyer, DO

Skin Resurfacing
Presenter: Suzan Obagi, MD

Hair Restoration Surgery Isn't Just Surgery Anymore
Presenter: Ryan Welter, MD, PhD

Use of Adipose Derived Stem Cells and Shockwave for Erectile Dysfunction
Presenter: Carlos Mercado, MD

Fat Grafting - A New Spin on an Old Favorite
Presenter: Talon Maningas, DO

Course Offerings

Our course package includes 16+ hours of educational content from our 2020 Cosmetic Surgery Annual Review Course, which is the most comprehensive review of the full spectrum of cosmetic surgery. Taken collectively, these courses provide a deep understanding of common procedures and how to prevent and treat complications.

2020 Cosmetic Surgery Annual Review Course

Dermatologic Cosmetic Surgery
Presenter: Melanie Palm, MD

Operating Room Emergencies: Anesthetic Complications and ACLS
Presenter: Ashley Fedan, MS, CRNA

Cosmetic Surgery of the Eyes (This is a HIPAA-compliant audio-only offering)
Presenter: Marie Somogyi, MD

Facial Cosmetic Surgery & Oral/ Maxillofacial Surgery
Presenter: Courtney J. Caplin, MD, DMD

Rhinoplasty, Mentoplasty, and Otoplasty
Presenter: Jan Zemplenyi, MD

Presenter: Jan Zemplenyi, MD

Hair Restoration Surgery
Presenter: Tony Mangubat, MD

Board Examination Tips
Presenter: Tony Mangubat, MD

Mastopexy, Reduction & Augmentation Mammoplasty
Presenter: Tony Mangubat, MD

Abdominoplasty & Body Lift
Presenter: Tony Mangubat, MD

Annual Meeting Offerings

Gain access to some of the top presentations from the AACS 2020 Annual Scientific Meeting.

Keynote Presentation:
Quality: More Than Skin Deep

Presenter: Noel M. Adachi, MBA, President & CEO, AAAHC

Laser Panel: The One Laser I Can't Do Without and Why
Moderator: C.W. Hanke, MD
Panelists: Neil Sadick, MD, Richard D. Gentile, MD & Hiren Kolli, BS

Injection Panel on Technique and Complications: Point / Counterpoint
Moderator: Samir Pancholi, DO
Presenters: Ed Zimmerman, MD, JD McCoy, NMD, Neil Sadick, MD & Samir Pancholi, DO

Cosmetic Dermatology for the Non-Dermatologist
Moderator: C. W. Hanke, MD
Presenters: Rania Agha, MD, Neil Sadick, MD, Suzan Obagi, MD and Hiren Kolli, BS

Keynote Presentation:
If 'Competency' is the Answer... Have We Asked the Right Question?

Presenter: Zubin Austin, BScPhm, MBA, MISc, PhD, FCAHS
Complications: Lasers & Dermatology
Chair: Rania Agha, MD Panelists: Richard Gentile, MD, Suzan Obagi, MD & Hiren Kolli, BS