American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery Editorial Review Board

American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery Editorial Review Board


The editor of the American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery seeks a diverse editorial review board considering geographic distribution, gender, experience-level, and backgrounds. Members of the editorial review board must be active reviewers and help to cultivate and engage processes and subscriber strategies that elevate the value of the AJCS.


  • 3-year


  • Increase quantity and quality of AJCS submissions and published papers
  • Increase visibility and global reach of AJCS
  • Achieve indexing

Time Commitment & Qualifications

Members of the AJCS Editorial Review Board must:

  • Accept and complete at least 50% of review invitations per year
  • Submit or solicit at least 1 manuscript per term
  • Attend two one-hour conference calls per year
  • Advise the Editor in Chief via email as requested
  • Recruit new reviewers and recommend new editorial board members as appropriate
  • Editorial Review Board members must understand the peer-reviewed scientific publication process.

Please note to achieve indexing, the board must maintain 30% representation outside of the US and UK.


Elie Ferneini, MD, DMD

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