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Frequently Asked Questions on the AACS Certified Fellowship Programs

Tuesday, August 25, 2015   (0 Comments)
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Mark Mandell-BrownAnswers by Mark Mandell-Brown, MD, AACS General Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship Committee Chair 


Q. If I am interested in starting a General Cosmetic Fellowship, what are the criteria?


Answer: The AACS has 20 General Cosmetic Surgery and two Facial Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship Programs throughout the United States. The Program Directors must be fellows of the AACS, be ABCS Board certified, operate at an accredited surgery center, have at least one co-faculty, be dedicated to teaching, and provide a broad experience that enables the fellow to participate in the surgical cases as outlined in the Fellowship Guidelines. The submitted application is reviewed by the Fellowship Review Committee and approved by the AACS Board of Trustees.


Q. Do all fellowship directors pay malpractice and offer the fellow a salary?


Answer: There is actually quite a variation in the programs and coverage/salary structure. The range is from no pay to $50,000, with most paying about $25,000 annually. With Medical Protective (Medpro), a special fellowship malpractice premium has been established with the cooperation of the AACS members serving on the Medpro advisory board and with the Medpro Company. Individual states vary but in Ohio our premium has been approximately $5,000 for a claims made policy for the fellow.


Q. As a prospective fellow, how do I know which fellowship to select?


Answer: There are currently two categories of fellowships: the General Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship and the Facial Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship. The General Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship focuses on a blend of face and body cosmetic procedures. Some of the Program Directors have a practice more focused on body, some more focused on face. It is important to decide if your intent is to practice exclusively body cosmetic procedures, facial cosmetic procedures, or a mix of procedures. Discussing your goals with the Program Director can be helpful as well as visiting the center and talking with staff.
The AACS is fortunate to have fellowship training programs throughout the United States. Some fellows prefer to remain in the same city they completed their residency to avoid moving

Q. Does the one-year fellowship guarantee me that I will take the board exams?


Answer: To challenge the oral and written American Board of Cosmetic Surgery Exams, one must have completed the fellowship, have satisfactory evaluations by the Director of the Fellowship, submit an article to a cosmetic journal, and have completed the number of procedures outlined in the Fellowship Guidelines. Additionally, the applicant must be Board Certified in one of the primary core fields of Gynecology, General Surgery, Otolaryngology, Oral Maxillofacial Surgery, Dermatology, or Ophthalmology.


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This appeared in the 2015 Issue #2 of Surge.