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Launching a Committee for Young Surgeons

Tuesday, June 9, 2020  
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by Dr. George Hahm and Dr. Christopher Shane McDaniel, Co-Chairs of the Young Surgeons Committee

Participating in an AACS certified Fellowship program is one of the most valuable and enlightening experiences you can have as a new surgeon. Receiving dedicated, hands-on training from a leading cosmetic surgeon takes you inside a successful practice. However, after your fellowship concludes, you face the challenge of building your own practice.

Now, through a new Young Surgeons Committee, AACS will look to grow the support and services it offers to members who are at this pivotal stage in their careers.

In addition to its certified Fellowship programs, AACS offers reduced membership dues for new surgeons, courses and training workshops, a Career Center, and a growing list of practice support resources. By adding a Young Surgeons Committee, AACS will build a team of members with the unique perspective needed to improve these resources, develop new ones, and address the emerging concerns of their new surgeon colleagues.

In addition, the committee will:

  • Strive to build awareness of AACS and the practice of cosmetic surgery overall as a career path
  • Foster connections and mentoring opportunities with other successful, newer surgeons
  • Create a pathway for new surgeons to get involved with the Academy and lead it into the future

From learning how to attract patients, market a practice, work with insurance providers and suppliers, structure services, and maintain successful relationships with staff, there is a lot the Academy can offer new surgeons, and in turn, a lot you can offer the Academy as a new surgeon.

Those interested in volunteering for the Young Surgeons Committee can learn more or apply to serve on the AACS website. Applications to participate on this committee will be accepted through July 31. As the incoming committee chairs, we look forward to working with you to promote our profession and support other new surgeons as we all build our careers.


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