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Wednesday, April 1, 2020  
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AACS members are coming together through AACS Connect virtual events to discuss pressing issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic, like office closures, staff employment, bill payment strategies, virtual tools and consultations, and more. We hope you continue to find these sessions helpful.  

Here are some ideas shared in AACS Connect events to date:

  • Whether you’re furloughing staff or keeping them on the payroll, be sure to document the date employment status changed as well as your ongoing communications with employees about the practice and returning to work.   
  • Direct staff to pursue unemployment in your state as the new COVID-19 eligibility guidelines make more individuals eligible. 
  • Use your found time to schedule future posts on social media and to get organized and develop a plan for when your practice opens back up. (View AACS Social Media Policy along with guidelines and tips).
  • Limit virtual consultations to low-risk patients (avoid patients asking about past surgical procedures, open wounds, lacerations, etc.) and ensure consent forms or paperwork are completed prior to the consultation.
  • Apply for SBA loans and reach out to creditors about deferring on payments where possible, whether it is rent for your office space or equipment rentals.  
  • Contact local hospitals who may need more staff members to ask where you can help as a source of income for the time being.  

Do you have suggestions for additional resources or discussion topics for AACS Connect events? Let us know by emailing  

Visit the COVID-19 Resources for Members section of the AACS website to find more upcoming AACS Connect events and COVID-19 resources.