News & Press: COVID-19

AACS Statement on COVID-19

Wednesday, March 18, 2020  
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Dear colleagues,

Without a doubt, this is a challenging time for us and the patients that we serve with the impact COVID-19 has made on the AACS community and the national healthcare system. Please know that AACS defers to the local, regional and national guidelines on the management of this virus and is taking a close look at our meetings, communications, and practices to ensure we are in compliance. Our physical offices are closed and our staff are fully equipped to work from home and are already doing so.

Many of us are experiencing canceled appointments, shifting surgical priorities at hospitals, and a decreased access to supplies. Until the predicted inflection point in the exposure graph has passed and a potentially rapid and overwhelming uptick in critical patient care needs can be supported by the health care infrastructure, we know that cosmetic surgery and procedures will be a lower priority. Please feel free to reach out to AACS with any ideas to support our cosmetic surgery community during this time.

As experts in infection control, I encourage you to familiarize your practice with infection control practices in the event a patient presents with symptoms, including donning N95 respirator masks; donning full personal protective equipment including protective eyewear; doffing personal protective equipment responsibly; and decontaminating hands with EtOH-based gel after doffing equipment.

I know your priorities are keeping your team, patients and families safe. On behalf of myself, the leadership and AACS staff, our thoughts are with you during this challenging time. We ask you to stay safe, be well and know that AACS is here for you.


Mark Mandell-Brown, MD
President, American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery