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November News: Advocating for You and Your Patients

Friday, November 22, 2019  
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Dear friends and colleagues,

No other organization is more committed to protecting you and the future of cosmetic surgery than AACS. Through our efforts, the number of states with restrictions on practicing cosmetic surgery or advertising board certifications is decreasing.

However, our work continues as AACS and the chair of its Advocacy Committee, J. Kevin Duplechain, MD, partner with the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ABCS) and the American Board of Facial Cosmetic Surgery (ABFCS) to advance public policy issues that ensure you can freely practice cosmetic surgery.

From meeting with federal regulators to educating state medical boards, AACS is on the front lines working on the issues that matter to you most, including:

  • Scope of Practice/Right to Practice: AACS protects the right to practice for duly trained, educated and competent cosmetic surgery practitioners and conducts regular reviews of proposed legislation for language that may limit scope of practice.
  • Advertising Rights/Marketing Freedom: AACS advocates for the freedom of cosmetic surgeons to advertise their practice and training and promotes equivalent recognition of ABCS and ABFCS.
  • Marketplace Fairness/Anticompetitive Practices: AACS promotes the right of every cosmetic surgeon to freely compete in their marketplace and opposes actions which seek to exclude or limit cosmetic surgeons from fair competition.
  • Patient Safety/Quality Outcomes: AACS's advocacy efforts support one final goal, ensuring patient safety by giving them access to information that lets them choose skilled, certified practitioners of cosmetic surgery.

AACS advocates for you. If your practice has been impacted by restrictive regulations or discriminated against due to your board certification, or if you become aware of local legislation we need to address, please contact AACS's Executive Director, Colleen Nolan, at or 312.985.0003.

Together, we can protect cosmetic surgery from restrictive legislation and create a safe environment where patients are empowered to work with the most qualified and well-trained cosmetic surgery experts.


Chris Lowery, DO, FACOS, FAACS
AACS President