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AACS Members Advocate for Language Update in Florida Cosmetic Surgery Bill

Thursday, March 21, 2019  
Posted by: Joy Merten
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AACS and the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery monitor state legislation that may negatively affect our members. Recently, it came to our attention that Florida Senate Bill 732: An Act Relating to Office Surgery contained language that had the potential to negatively affect or limit the practices of our Florida-based members. However, due to the efforts of Joseph J. Castellano MD, FACS, FAACS, to educate state representatives on those negative consequences, the bill was updated to omit the section in question.

The language in the bill read,

    "To perform a level III procedure in an office surgery center, the surgeon must have staff privileges at a licensed hospital to perform the same level III procedure in the hospital or must be able to document satisfactory completion of training, such as board certification or board qualification by a board approved by the American Board of Medical Specialties or any other board approved by the Board of Medicine."

When notifying members of this bill, AACS recommended that they hire a lobbyist to advocate against the inclusion of this language and contact their state. Dr. Castellano personally reached out to State Senator Anitere Flores, who originally filed the bill, and explained the possible adverse effects of the statement above.

As a result, the language in the bill was removed, a victory for board-certified cosmetic surgeons in Florida. Moving forward, Dr. Castellano has retained an attorney to advocate to get the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery approved as a board in Florida, after similar efforts were successful in Texas.

AACS will continue to update members on pending legislation that could affect their practice. For more information, contact us at