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A Message from Jane Petro, MD, AJCS Editor-in-Chief

Monday, August 29, 2016  
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The American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery, the scientific publication of the AACS, has completed the transition to Sage Publications. Sage is an elite publisher specializing in the production of intellectual content across a variety of fields. Since joining Sage, the AJCS has completed digitizing all of its previous content and posted the articles online through the AJCS website. This has enabled a critical search function for the Journal. Now, AJCS articles will appear among all other related journals when a keyword is searched on the Web.

This is an important part of bringing more formal accreditation to the Journal, as well as increasing the impact factor, not only of the AJCS but of author’s individual articles, including citations. For example, using the search term “areolar ischemia” on Yahoo, Dr. Erik Nuveen’s article (Am J Cosmet Surg June 2012 vol. 29 no. 2 159-170) comes up as the second hit. Using Google, the article comes up 4th, after duplicate listings that appear ahead on Yahoo as well. And using Google Scholar (my go-to choice), the article appears as the 5th choice, putting his article on the first page across several search engines. A similar search for publications by Dr. Jeff Klein on tumescent anesthesia places his 1987 AJCS article at the top of the search, including the notation that he has had over 800 citations to that article.

As the AJCS moves forward, we are seeing an increased number of submissions, indicating that we need to increase our pool of reviewers in order to continue processing manuscripts in a timely fashion. We hope you will help us in this effort. In the past, we have been successful in completing the transition from submission to publication within six months. Please help us keep that goal by registering as a reviewer at:

Once you log in and create your credentials, please select among our areas of expertise (no more than two areas). I look forward to hearing from you and to sharing the excitement of seeing a manuscript through to publication.


Jane Petro, MD
Editor-in-Chief, AJCS