Innovations in Aesthetic Breast Workshop - Program Schedule


7:15 am Welcome and Course Overview - Angelo Cuzalina, MD, DDS
7:25 am Patient #1 Pre-Operative Marking
7:35 am Basic Augmentation vs. Advanced Case Techniques - Nathan Miller, MD
8:00 am

Live Surgery Case #1: Standard augmentation, IMF incision, Silicone gel implants, Sub pectoral placement

8:45 am Patient #2 Pre-Operative Marking
8:50 am

Endoscopic Transaxillary Sub-Muscular Breast Augmentation - Angelo Cuzalina, MD, DDS

9:15 am

Live Surgery Case #2 Basic augmentation, Transaxillary incision, Saline implants, Sub pectoral placement                 

10:00 am Surgical Anatomy of the Breasts - Gazelle Craig, MD
10:15 am Patient #3 Pre-Operative Marking
10:45 am Live Surgery Case #3 Revision Breast Implant Surgery Partial capsulectomy, capsulotomies and capsulorraphy grafting with Gore-Tex vs.Acellular (ADM) graft material, implant exchange and mastopexy
12:00 pm Lunch
12:40 pm

Breast Reduction and Augmentation using a Superomedial Pedicle - Jeff Swetnam, MD

1:00 pm Patient #4 Pre-Operative Marking
1:30 pm Live Surgery Case #4 Inverted T Mastopexy & Augmentation (gastric bypass patient following massive weight loss)
2:30 pm Patient #5 Pre-Operative Marking
2:40 pm

Maximizing Results & Lowering Risk during Breast Augmentation - Jorge Perez, MD, FACS *Featured Speaker

3:15 pm Live Surgery Case #5 Mastopexy / reduction and simultaneous with silicone gel implants, Slight Reduction with removal and replacement of previous implants
5:00 pm Revision Breast Surgery, When & How to use Capsulotomies, Capsulectomies, Capsulorraphies, and Soft Tissue Grafting - Angelo Cuzalina, MD, DDS
5:20 pm Question and Answer Session
5:30 pm Return to Renaissance



7:30 am Patient #6: Pre-Operative Marking
7:35 am Selecting the Appropriate Implant, (including new ‘Form Stable’ Silicone gels) - Jeff Swetnam, MD
8:00 am Live Surgery Case #6 Mastopexy w/ Reduction and simultaneous augmentation using silicone gel in a ‘total submuscular’ placemen, Liposuction of anterior axillary fat
9:00 am Patient #7 Pre-Operative Marking
9:10 am

Pre Operative Planning, (Post Bariatric Workup & Breast Cancer Screening) - Babak Moeinolmolki, MD

9:30 am Live Surgery Case #7 Revisional surgery, Inferior bilateral capsulorraphies along with superior capsulotomies to treat bottomed out implants
10:30 am

Patient #8 Pre-Operative Marking

10:40 am Complex Breast Surgery (handling NAC and IMF positions) - Jorge Perez MD, FACS *Featured Speaker
11:00 am Live Surgery Case #8 Simultaneous mastopexy and implant exchange along with partial capsulectomies, capsulorraphies & tissue allograft (possible fat grafting) and new Form Stable Implants
12:15 pm Lunch
1:00 pm Patient #9 Pre-Operative Marking
1:10 pm Treatment of Capsular Contracture (surgical & non surgical methods) - Mona Alqualali, MD   
1:30 pm

Live Surgery Case #9 Revision surgery, Implant exchange (submammary to total submuscular and simultaneous mastopexy)

2:45 pm Patient #10 Pre-Operative Marking
3:00 pm Live Surgery Case #10 Standard augmentation, using new form stable silicone implants
3:30 pm Simultaneous Breast Lift and Augmentatio - Angelo Cuzalina, MD
4:15 pm Discussion of Complication Treatment w Aesthetic Breast Surgery: Question and Answer Session
5:00 pm Return to Renaissance