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Program Director Fellowship FAQs
Read below for commonly asked questions regarding the clinical fellowship programs. 


Q. I need help completing my application. Who should I contact?

A. Please direct all questions to Margaret Bengtson, AACS Account Coordinator. Her contact information is 312.265.3735 or


Q. What is the purpose of a Fellowship?

A. An AACS Fellowship Program advances a training physician's education in cosmetic surgery, enhances their clinical skills, and fosters their professional development.


Q. What are the requirements to be a Fellowship Director?

A. A complete list of requirements can be found in the Program Requirements for Facial Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship Training Guidelines. Key requirements are:

  • Current valid medical license in the state in which the Program is offered 
  • Hospital privileges to perform cosmetic surgery within the primary hospital utilized during the Fellowship Training
  • Director and/or a majority of affiliate faculty must have an academic appointment
  • Board Certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery or the American Board of Facial Cosmetic Surgery
  • Fellow Member of AACS
  • A site visitation at the onset of the program and review every five years to maintain facility and training accreditation

Q. What is the Fellowship Curriculum?

A. While each AACS Fellowship Program is unique, the Program must have a formally structured curriculum that meets the AACS Fellowship Guidelines. Program goals are to have Fellows demonstrate the ability to evaluate their care of patients, appraise and assimilate scientific evidence, and continuously improve their patient care based on constant self‐evaluation and lifelong learning. 

Directors should plan to attend AACS Annual Meetings and encourage Fellow Trainee(s) attendance at AACS workshops and meetings. The Director should encourage Fellow Trainee(s) to contribute to the scientific literature or presentations relative to the subject of Cosmetic Surgery (both basic scientific and/or clinical materials). The Director will provide regularly scheduled conferences with their Fellow Trainee(s) to discuss current literature. 


Q. What is the Fellow Trainee Evaluation Process?

A. Fellowships are designed to foster professional development. As such, effective feedback is critical for achieving developmental objectives. 

  • AACS evaluation forms on each Fellow Trainee are completed and each candidate will evaluate their experience.
  • All Fellow Trainees are required to maintain a current surgical case log of procedures. As of July 2015, AACS has an online surgical case listing. 

Q. What is the Program Establishment Process?

A. An online application can be found here. Supporting documentation can be uploaded directly to the webpage. Once received, the Fellowship Committee and Board of Trustees reviews and approves the applications. 


Q. How do I recruit a Fellow?

A. AACS has a central online Training Fellow application. Applicants select five (5) programs of interest. Directors are notified their Program is identified. The Director interviews each candidate and has control over the contract process