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Archived WebClinics

AACS Archived WebClinics


AACS WebClinics are a convenient way to stay up to date and gain immediate knowledge on the latest practices and procedures in cosmetic surgery. Hosted by cosmetic surgery experts from the major specialties, these archived educational webinars offer valuable in-depth training for time-starved medical professionals. Archived recordings for the current year are available for purchase and past years are easily accessible at no cost. 



2017 WebClinics:

2017 Recorded Webinar: Sublabial Approach to the Septum in Cosmetic Rhinoplasty

Presenter: Kamran Dastoury, MD, DDS and John Neary, MD DDS FACS

Presentation: March 7, 2017

By the end of this session participants will be able to list the anatomical landmarks of the nose and nasal septum accessed by the transoral approach, define the clinical indications, advantages, and disadvantages of this approach, demonstrate a stepwise approach for conducting this technique during routine septoplasty procedures, and compare the clinical utilization of the transoral approach with other approaches to the nasal septum.

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2016 WebClinics: 

What to Include your Practice's Business Plan

Presenter: Jay Shorr

Presentation: October 18, 2016

Every practice should have a mapped out plan for future growth. Whether you're opening a brand new practice (and the bank requires a pro form or business plan) or you are projecting for your future, you must have a plan. Learn how to create and plan for future goals, objectives and direction. We will show you how to develop your road map, which items are necessary before you start, and tips and tricks of what you’ll find along the way.

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Fat Transfer Techniques 2016

Presenter: Kristine Brecht

Presentation: August 2016

Through this WebClinic attendees will learn optimal and alternative fat transfer techniques will give better results for your patients. Harvest techniques and pros and cons of fat transfer will be covered.

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2016 Internet Marketing Plan

Presenter: David Phillips

Presentation: July 2016


This course covers what is needed both to successfully market your practice, as well as a step-by-step action plan on exactly how to do it. It is common to learn what to do but many fail to take action. This step-by-step lecture will help a practice take the leap from learning to implementation when it comes to online marketing.

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PRP and Hair Restoration: What is it, How is it made, Supplements, and Results

Presenter: Carlos Puig, DO FISHRS

Presentation: July 2016


There is very little real data on the use of PRP as a primary treatment for hair loss. To make better sense of what we do know, this webinar will not only dive into the studies that have been done and the resulting information about this new technique, but it will also demonstrate how to make better use of PRP as a therapeutic modality for the primary treatment of hair loss.

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CO2 Laser Resurfacing: Maximizing Outcomes Without Complications

Presenter: Dr. Kevin Duplechain

Presentation Date: June 2016

In order to best understand the ever-evolving technology and techniques in the cosmetic surgery industry, we must constantly revisit and review what we know and what's new in laser resurfacing. Through this WebClinic, be ready to learn about the latest in carbon dioxide technologies, how to apply key physical parameters for skin healing, and how to effectively treat each patient while minimizing the risk and complications associated with ablative laser resurfacing.

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Radiofrequency as a Good Option in Rhinophyma

Presenter: Dr. Roberto Veliz

Presentation Date: May 2016

Radiofrequency surgery is an effective and low-cost option for treating rhinophyma. Through this WebClinic, you will learn how to identify when you should utilize radiofrequency, how to avoid complications, and how to achieve the best cosmetic results for each patient. 

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2015 WebClinics: 

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Presenter: Dr. Kevin Light

Presentation Date: November 2015


This webinar will guide attendees to having a working knowledge of common hormone disruptions association with aging. Viewers will gain a comprehensive understanding of the diagnosis, treatment and long term management of several hormonal issues. 


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Considerations in Non-Surgical Tear Trough Correction
Presenter: Dr. Alexander Z. Rivkin
Presentation Date: September 2015

This webinar will help attendees understand the injection anatomy of the peri-orbital region, the best practices in safe injection techniques around the eye, and the variables to take into consideration when choosing a filler for the tear trough region.


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Management of Medical Emergencies in the Cosmetic Surgery Office

Presenter: Elie M. Ferneini, MD, DMD, MHS, MBA, FACS

Presentation Date: July 2015


This webinar will provide an overview of the management of the most common medical emergencies encountered in our outpatient cosmetic surgery office. Guidelines and recommendations will be discussed. This course is ideal to cosmetic surgeons, mid-level providers, nurses, and estheticians.


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Contemporary Long Term Treatment Planning for Hair Restoration Surgery

Presenter: Carlos Puig, DO, FAACS, FISHRS

Presentation Date: August 2015


This webinar will encourage physicians to plan results for Hair Restoration Surgery patients that last 20-30 years. With the correct treatment plan for their patients, physicians can make it so corrective surgery will not be needed in the future. This webinar is ideal for beginners in the Hair Restoration specialty.


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