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Annual Meeting Call for Abstracts


Our call for abstracts is now open through June 19. Our program will feature live patient demos, panel discussions on complications and high impact sessions on all cosmetic related topics.


Click on the categories below to see a listing of topics in that category we are looking for.

Guidelines for Submission

It is required by the AACS, in accordance with ACCME, that all authors go through the following steps upon submission of their abstract for the Annual Meeting.

  1. Abstracts must be limited to no more than 500 words maximum.
  2. Each abstract MUST include the following components:
    1. Background/ Objective – A brief statement of purpose of the study, procedure, etc.
    2. Methods – The methods of study or approach clearly defined
    3. Results – A summary of the date
    4. Conclusion – A statement of the conclusions
  3. Abstracts frequently obscure the value of their content because they are poorly organized. It is important that the methods and results are clearly defined in the abstract; general statements such as "results will be presented" are discouraged as the abstracts are meant to be educational and informative in and of themselves. When a procedure or method is stated to have "advantages", these advantages should be defined.
  4. Abstracts that simply summarize results without defining objectives and methods are equally undesirable.
  5. Submission of an abstract signifies acceptance of the Educational Program Committee's decision regarding presentation of the paper or course following the abstract selection process.
It is required by the AACS, in accordance with ACCME, that all authors review the policies & procedures for faculty and presenters at AACS sponsored meetings outlined below:
  1. Faculty presenters and moderators at all AACS and its affiliates' sponsored meetings, implicitly through their participation, agree to abide by all Academy policies and procedures. Any questions regarding the policies or the official Code of Ethics should be directed to headquarters.
  2. Abstracts submitted for consideration for the program may be printed in the Journal, regardless of their acceptance to the program, depending on available space.
  3. Faculty presenters are expected to pay the designated registration fee unless otherwise notified in writing.
  4. All faculty presenters are required to make full disclosure of any fiduciary or proprietary connections both prior to and during the presentation.
  5. In keeping with its continuing education efforts, the AACS from time to time records and duplicates the presentations given at its meetings. Understanding the advantages of this service to the association and its members, each presenter is requested to consent to the recording (digital, visual and/or audio) and duplicating by AACS of any presentation, to be offered for sale to conference participants, as well as for future sales and educational endeavors. This in no way prevents the presenter from using his own material in subsequent presentations.